What to watch

Published 24 Oct 2018

The leafs are starting to change colors which means marathon season is in full swing! Here’s a quick forecast of what to watch this weekend!

Frankfurt marathon

Valentine Kipketer will be the NN Running Team stronghold in the women’s race of the Frankfurt marathon this Sunday. The former Mumbai and Amsterdam marathon winner boasts a personal best of 2:23.02 and is hoping to add a win in Frankfurt to her list!

In the men’s race we will have 3 new athletes making their debut. Good luck to Leonard Langat, Bernard Kipkemoi and Brian Kipsang!

Ljubljana marathon

Selly Chepyego and Dibabe Kuma will be representing the white and orange in Ljubljana for the women.

In the mens race our eyes will be on Stephen Chebogut, Ayele Abshero, Hiskel Twelde and Marius Ionescu!

Valencia half marathon

Josphat Boit played a key role in pacing Eliud Kipchoge to a World Record in Berlin last month. This Sunday he is looking to write his own success as he will be on the starting line of the Valencia Half Marathon in Spain.

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