How to maintain a strong immunity

Published 30 Jun 2020

Living in a pandemic is far from easy. Our daily routines of the past can all but disappear. The rhythm of training, eating and sleeping can be significantly disrupted and this in turn can compromise the immune system. NN Running Team sports nutrition specialist Armand Bettonviel answers our questions on how to maintain a good immunity.

Q: What are the most important factors a runner should put in place to ensure a high level of resistance and a strong immune system?

A: The immune system is a complex system consisting of many different types of cells with different functions. This means the need for specific nutrients is "wide". But if you want to summarise it, then the following three points are crucial: sufficient energy, so the biological systems in the body do not have to economise and can function optimally. Sufficient vitamins and minerals because they play a crucial role in the functioning of the immune system. And finally, a "healthy" intestinal flora contributes to good resistance.

Q: What nutritional products would you suggest helps the immune system? 

A: Specifically, a wide variety of fruit and vegetables will help you (as a rule, eat all colours of the rainbow). These products contain the above vitamins and minerals. In addition with wholegrain products, you can include a wide range of vitamins and minerals through your daily nutrition. 

Q: What type of nutritional programme should an athlete avoid if they want to keep their resistance high? 

A: You have to avoid 2 things: 1. An energy restricted nutrition plan with the result that systems in the body cannot function optimally. Currently, intermittent fasting is topical, but in fact you also create an shortage of energy with this strategy, but the body will still respond because it is forced to make adjustments. 2. A diet plan that is too one-sided, which means that there is a good chance that you have insufficient variety in the intake of vitamins, minerals (functioning of the immune system) and fibre (indirectly effect the functioning of the immune system).

Q: Why should people ingest the Virtuoos resistance package? 

A: There are a number of nutrients that have a proven positive influence on the immune system, such as zinc and vitamin D. The Virtuoos resistance package has been tuned to best support the specific needs of the immune system.


What Virtuoos the official NN Running Team supplement supplier says:

“There is no miracle remedy to boost your resistance but a healthy lifestyle and additional supplements can help your resistance. A good resistance ensures your body can defend itself better against pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. In addition, a strong immune system ensures you get sick less quickly and recover faster.”

“A good resistance starts with good lifestyle; healthy diet, quality sleep, less stress and regular exercise. In combination with good hygiene such factors minimise your chances of getting sick.”

To aid you healthy lifestyle we have put together the ‘Resistance Package’ – specifically to support resistance.

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