INEOS signs long term Performance Partnership with Eliud Kipchoge and the NN Running Team

Published 12 Jan 2022

The NN Running Team is delighted to formalise a long term performance partnership between INEOS, Eliud Kipchoge and the NN Running Team.

The NN Running Team is the first professional team within the world of running. The team showcased some of the best results in its 4 years existence, with world records, world champions, Olympic medals and podiums on the highest level in the sport.

INEOS served as a hugely successful partner to Eliud Kipchoge and the NN Running Team in 2019 as the driving force behind the INEOS 1:59 Challenge in Vienna. The event where Eliud Kipchoge ran the world’s first sub 2-hour marathon in stunning fashion.

Eliud Kipchoge and INEOS have since worked together on a number of successful legacy projects - but the new agreement will make sure both sides will win from sharing knowledge and experience across the different sports. It will also see the reunion of INEOS Chairman and CEO Jim Ratcliffe – the driving force behind the INEOS 1:59 Challenge - and Eliud, the greatest marathon runner in history.

INEOS has an extensive portfolio across the global sports landscape and boasts some of the world’s most pre-eminent sporting teams which includes the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, INEOS Grenadiers cycling team, America’s Cup Challenger of Record INEOS Britannia, OGC Nice and FC Lausanne-Sport.

Eliud Kipchoge: “To receive the support from such a great entity in sports is a huge boost to myself and the team. We have had a wonderful relationship since we first started working together and have already changed the world together once. I am excited to keep breaking barriers with the support of INEOS on our side. I believe that we can make a strong impact across all sports by sharing our knowledge and experiences with each other. To utilize the greatest minds in sports will continue to allow us to keep pushing the boundaries of running. I am very excited for the future ahead.”

It is the ambition to improve performance and raise the profile of the team through shared knowledge, innovation and combined media activities amongst the stars of the INEOS sports family. With INEOS gaining incredible insights from a widely successful programme that’s build around creating long term success for its athletes.

Jos Hermens, CEO Global Sports Communication, said: “I have always worked hard to improve on the services for our athletes and with INEOS stepping in we can again make the next steps in our sport. It makes me incredibly proud and happy. With the NN Running Team a dream came true and I believe we are only at the beginning of how we can improve and grow our sport.”

Valentijn Trouw, performance Director of the NN Running Team:  “We built a performance environment in which we support athletes to reach the best of their potential. The continuation of the partnership with INEOS, will help us grow in future ambitions. On a daily basis we still see the effects of the INEOS 1:59 Challenge – the inspiration, the exposure and the performance insights gained throughout the project. I am looking forward to the insights we can mutually share and benefit from in the upcoming years.”

The NN Running team is known to drive innovation within the world of running. It offers a new level of fan engagement and has connected millions of runners around the world. The team proved to be innovative and flexible in Covid-times by organising their own events to make sure its athletes could perform on top of their game during the peak moments of a vastly disrupted season. The team also brought together 100.000+ runners in the digital and award winning event MA RA TH ON and by producing captivating documentaries to inspire the fanbase in times where sports were having a difficult time.

Adding INEOS to the commercial landscape of the team shows that the team concept adds value to the sport. Driven by performance, showcasing its athletes and the human side of sport attracts a group of sponsors that believe in the mission of the team.

“When you grow, it is important to grow in the right direction. With INEOS joining us we are taking the next step in building the team concept in athletics. It has proved to be an attractive commercial landscape for new partners to join. We continue to show the human side of our athletes and their results, since it attracts the right fans and sponsors that support our mission. This will help us to grow our team and our sport in the right direction.” added NN Running Team Marketing Director, Marleen Vink-Rennings.