NN Running Team launches upcycling collection

Published 28 May 2024

We are runners and the environment around us is our arena. We rely on fresh air to fuel our lungs in order to deliver world class performances that we strive for each day. On top of that we believe that we must all do our part to make conscious decisions to contribute towards a stronger environment. When we witnessed our online fan shop selling out in a matter of hours at certain times last year while at the same time seeing leftover inventory of our athletes gear we saw a golden opportunity to do just that.

As you can imagine athletes require quality gear while putting in the hard work leading up to their gold medal performances, day in, day out. Add on changing race kits designs every season, new sponsors and maybe more items in our warehouse then our athletes request, and we are left with a number of incredible, quality goods that remain sitting on the shelf unused at the end of a season. We also have the most incredible fan base that loves nothing more than to proudly wear our team colors alongside the course, inside the stadium, during their own training sessions and races or in their everyday life.

That is why we have launched a new range of upcycled Official NN Running Team products and made these available in our online fan shop to give new life and purpose to our unused gear, while at the same time creating a line of fun and unique items for our fans. All repurposed items are hand made from unused official NN Running Team items by upcycle experts FC88 who create unique and head-turning fan gear collections out of outdated sports apparel.

Marleen Vink-Rennings (Marketing Director NN Running Team): “Running is one of the greenest sports in the world and we feel the responsibility how we can contribute to a more sustainable future. We loved the concept of FC88, to upcycle our unused team apparel into new items. I hope our fans will enjoy the special product line.

Especially since their purchase will support the Eliud Kipchoge foundation which is planting trees in Kenya against climate change. It is a nice extra a tree is donated with every sold item. I hope that we can run together for a greener planet!”

Eliud Kipchoge: “The environment is very important for myself and my teammates. It is along the dirt roads and in the forest here in Kenya where or performance is shaped. It makes me happy to see the initiative to recycle our former kit. We get so much happiness from seeing our fans from all over the world show their support by wearing orange and white. Knowing our unused gear will not go to waste and add a little fun for our fans is something we all look forward to seeing at the next races. For every sold item a tree will be donated to the EK Foundation, these trees will be planted on our training grounds and be the basis of our future performances!”

For each order, we donate a tree to reforestation efforts.

Check out the full product line at https://shop.nnrunningteam.com/.